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An Abanning of Hærfast Hám

Wesað gé hále, Be it known unto all that in the month of Háligmónaþ, MMXXIII, Southern Reckoning, a Hærfest Hám Fægening was held at Æppeldor Heall. With mickle merry-making the folk bound all weapons of war and joyfully gave our godgild to Neorþe. Hail the speedsome harvest! Godspéd,Friðoríc þegn, Steward of Æppeldor Heall þæt Theódish RícesHærfest Hám Faining

Hærfest Hám

Háligmónaþ, which means “Holy Month,” is the ninth month of the year.  It more or less matches March.Hærfest Hám, which means “Harvest Home,” is its holytide.The goddess Neorþe (Nerthus) who is also called Erce, is worshipped in her holy wain and all weapons are set aside at Her begoing. Yeartidely Song Harvest Home: Your hay…

An Abanning of Þegnscipe

Blótmónaþ MMXX Hwæt! Be it known unto all that Friðoric of Æppeldor Friðstów in Tasmania has given his hold oath to Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere of the Ealdríce Théod & Háliggyld and that Þórbeorht has made Friðoric his Þegn and Æppeldor a Théodish Heall. May the gods speed Friðoric Þegn, Landlord of Æppeldor Heall.

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