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Théodish Fellowships
Æppeldor – Théodish Belief in Australia (Tasmania)
The Ealdríce – An Anglo-Saxon Théodish holy guild
Whitthenge Heall – Théodish Belief in the Mid-Atlantic (Virginia, USA)

Théodish Goods
Ælfric’s Germanic Hearp Music – Théodish music
Ælfric’s Heathen Wares – Théodish made historical harps
Gárman Lord’s Writings – Théodish fiction and philosophy
Háliggyld Books – Théodish books and booklets
Heathen Greetings – Théodish Yule cards
Spellstów – Théodish news, abannings, and articles
Woodharrow Bund Press – Théodish and Heathen books by Ælfric

Théodish Media
The Ealdríce’s BitChute – Théodish videos
The Ealdríce’s Facebook – Théodish posts
The Ealdríce’s Goodreads – Théodish book reviews
The Ealdríce’s Instagram– Théodish pictures and posts
The Ealdríce’s Minds – Théodish posts
The Ealdríce’s Pinterest – Théodish pictures
The Ealdríce’s Tumbler– Théodish posts
The Ealdríce’s Twitter– Théodish tweets
The Ealdríce’s YouTube – Théodish videos
Gárman Lord’s YouTube – Théodish videos
The Ealdríce’s Blogspot – Théodish Blog
r/AngloSaxonTheodism – Théodish Reddit

Good Folk
Merry Jackdaw – English folklore and craft
The Saxon Storyteller – Heathen artwork
Tasmanian Pagan Alliance – Paganism in Tasmania
The Raven’s Call – The Tasmanian Pagan Alliance’s newsletter
Wolcensmen – Heathen music

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