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Æt Bannung Founding Æppeldor Friðstów

Æt Bannung Founding Æppeldor Friðstów
Given on Módraniht, Géol, 2017 C.E.
1,568 wintra syððan Engla tocyme


Be it known unto all that Friðoric, of the Cheney hróftréow and fosterling to Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere of Þæt Ealdríce, has founded Æppeldor, a friðstów of the Ealdríce Hǽðengyld, to the worship of the gods and the remembrance of the fore-elders.

We raise the Eald Geléafa of Englisc Hǽðendóm at Cygnet, in Huon Valley Scir, a godspell and a boon to the folc, near and far!

Whosoever shall avert this, let him account with the gods at his doom.

May the gods speed the Æppeldor Friðstów and our Théodish Belief and may our path forward be blessed.

Here ends the Abanning.

Eald-riht ábenaþ!
Werað se Cyning!

Proclaim the Old Right!
Ward the King!


Orthographic Note: Théodish Belief makes frequent use of elder tongues and characters no longer found in modern alphabets, primarily from Old English. Examples include stoked (lengthened) vowels, dotted (softened or silent) consonants and such characters as Ǽ, called “ash”, ð, called “eth” and pronounced like “th”, þ, called “thorn” and also pronounced like “th”.

Word Hoard/Glossary

The Ealdríce Hǽðengyld – Begun at Éaster 2010 CE in the “Old Dominion” of Virginia, the Ealdríce is a self-standing Théodish fellowship, rooted in the rich earth of Anglo-Saxon Heathen thew (tradition). Ours is a many-godded belief and our holy-tides follow the farming year as reckoned by the moon. Our gatherings, known as fainings, are times of great merry-making with singing, dancing, drinking, and other such giddy play woven throughout our worshipful rites. Monthly, if not more often, we gather amid mead-halls, holy groves, and temple-tents to worship the gods, goddesses, and good wights of the land even as our forebears once did.

Æppeldor Friðstówfrið – “frith”, the peace and order of the community. “Stów”, holy enclosure. “Æppeldor” means “place of the apple tree”.

Eald Geléafa – Old Belief

Théodish Belief – “Tribal Belief”. Þéodisc Geléafa, more commonly called Theodish Belief, or Theodism, is a religious movement rediscovered by Gárman Lord on the night of July 4th, 1976 C.E, in Watertown, New York. Unlike other present-day Pagan movements, Théodish Belief constituted contemporary Heathendom’s first truly earnest effort to reconstruct, as authentically as possible, the ancient, ancestral Teutonic religion – that of the Anglo-Saxons in particular.

Hróftréow – “Rooftree”/ household

Scir – Shire

Godspell – “Good news”

Ealdorblótere – The chief priest of the fellowship


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